Eating disorder treatment for adolescents and their families

Offering Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient programming in the San Francisco Bay Area

Our Approach

Eating disorders create significant challenges for teens and their families in all aspects of their lives. Sometimes these challenges require intensive treatment. Through our multidisciplinary approach, we address physical, emotional, and nutritional health, academic functioning, and family and peer relationships. Our goal is to provide holistic care that supports adolescents and their families in finding new and healthy ways of living.

So often, teens with eating disorders and their families feel isolated and alone. Our program provides structure and support. It gives clients a chance to connect, relate and problem solve with others that struggle with similar issues. We help guide families in supporting their loved ones in a safe and caring way.

Why Adolescent Only Treatment?

The Healthy Teen Project believes a teenager-only therapeutic environment is important when treating teens with eating disorders. Teens have specific needs that are different than those of adults:

Family support

With teens, family support and therapy is an integral component, both for nutritional rehabilitation and to explore other challenges of adolescence and mental health.

Group therapy and support from their peers

Group therapy allows teenagers to find a place where they can open up and be honest and real about their struggles, relate to others, and receive much needed support. Teenagers are at very different places in life than adults and it is other teenagers that provide the validation and support they require.

Greater focus on behavioral and experiential opportunities vs. cognitive/verbal skills

Teenagers get more out of “doing” rather than “talking about doing”. At HTP, teenagers are actively engaged in experiential opportunities and behavioral approaches, such as art therapy, yoga therapy, meal preparation and restaurant exposures.

Additionally, HTP provides a teen-oriented environment (from self-expressive activities to teen-oriented meals/snack choices) where teens can feel safe, nurtured and hopeful. By not treating adolescents along side adult peers, HTP is able to provide the interventions specific to teens with eating disorders.

"The words ‘Thank You’ are woefully inadequate to express our appreciation for what you have given to our family; however, we do, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you."

HTP parent after her daughter’s graduation from the program

"To be able to live a normal, happy and controlled life is the best thing I could have ever asked for, and as a team, you help me to achieve that."

HTP client after graduation from the program

"Our experience at the Healthy Teen Project has been profoundly transformative. Everyone on staff went above and beyond in helping our daughter get the help she needed. "

Rita M.

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