The Healthy Teen Project is proudly in-network with the following insurance providers:


We are also honored to serve the needs of our local communities through our relationships with Santa Clara County, San Mateo County and Marin County and their efforts to prioritize access to quality care for their members.

Additionally, we are the only adolescent-only treatment facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area offering intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization treatment for eating disorders with onsite medical and psychiatric providers, as well as all therapists trained (or in process of being trained) in Family Based Treatment (FBT).

As a result, we typically receive “Single Case Agreements” and are then considered in-network (allowing the member to utilize in-network benefits) with insurance companies that may not already name us on their provider panels.

Providers for these clients include:

  • Cigna
  • Magellan


Please note that we do not work with Blue Shield of California.

As a result, 100% of our clients’ care was covered through in-network benefits.

What Your Insurance Will Pay

We understand the significant financial impact that eating disorder treatment can have on our patients and their families. Therefore, we strive to limit your out of pocket expenses by working with you and your insurance provider.

A ‘benefits review’ occurs prior to program admittance and determines whether our services are included as a part of your healthcare benefits package. ‘Preauthorization’ occurs at the onset of treatment and is the process whereby we request formal authorization for our services from your insurance provider. These processes are handled between HTP and your insurance company. Through the benefit review and preauthorization, we can usually understand the financial impact of program enrollment based on your insurance benefits.

With insurance providers where we are considered “out-of-network”, HTP makes every attempt to ensure a “single case agreement” (or ”SCA”) with your insurance plan. The SCA means that HTP is temporarily “in-network” for treatment, your in-network benefits apply and an agreed upon program rate is determined prior to treatment. Your assistance may be required to facilitate the process.

We can then disclose what you are likely to pay given your insurance benefits: deductible, coinsurance, and copay. If there are multiple insurance companies involved, it is more difficult to give an accurate assessment due to benefit overlaps.